It’s easy to look over your shoulder and reminiscence on why things don’t work out, bundle up a decision or two and label it as a bad decision. But, if I reflect carefully on when things didn’t go to plan, what was apparent to me is that they were ‘almost’ times. They were ‘almost’ times,… Continue reading

I bought myself one of these cult sponges. Renowned for revolutionising make-up application, here's a mini review for the cute pink squishy thing. Packaging I don't even know why most bloggers feature a detailed breakdown of the packaging since you rip it off and use the product anyway? But, on this occasion I'll jump on the… Continue reading

Somehow these Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather Pumps managed to find their way into my collection hmmmm...what can I say? they are the best damn shoes everrrrrr. I decided to purchase these for my graduation outfit way back when I completed my Communications degree. It was easy to convince myself to splurge since all you can… Continue reading

There's something about having a little black bag that turns any outfit into a well rounded ensemble.  When I spotted this Gucci 1973 small shoulder bag in black, I nabbed it straight away. If you're like me, i.e. like to play it safe when splurging on designer things, a good place to start is by… Continue reading

Korres is my newfound skincare go to.  Established in 1996, this Greek skincare brand combines the highest quality Greek flora extracts with skincare research.  I'm sharing this with you so you can discover it too!  It's a little gem in the highly saturated market of skincare products. I stumbled across the Korres Wild Rose Serum… Continue reading

I worked through corporate shutdown this year, so I want need a holiday.  It's necessary to be appropriately dressed so you can camouflage into your surroundings. Can you guess where I'm going? Hint. To be honest, I was never a fan of beach holidays growing up.  Partially, because water sports, swimming, tanning etc. was never a… Continue reading