Why Procrastination Is Useful For Life

When my overly ambitious goal to study ahead of study vacation (yes they really call it that) failed I resorted to chocolate bars coffee and cramming.

It’s minus one week which means, hello panic and goodbye social life however what I’ve noticed is that my fellow peers have all adopted different methods for coping with stress and study.

Study material and procrastination

I find this to be quite interesting, for instance my housemate swears by going into ‘library lockdown’ from sunrise to sunset. Having the attention span of a small puppy I can’t cope with hoards of students, rustling chip packets and clickity typing. I often find myself having a staring competition with my textbook rather than reading and systematically absorbing any course material hence the library is never really a viable option for me.

Last night, in a series of unfortunate/fortunate events, I did in fact end up at the library with my housemate to accommodate a romantic rendezvous dinner in our tiny terrace for the other housemate who didn’t have exams. Given the scope of what needed to be learnt that evening, my housemate and I ran up the road to procure sustenance in the form of fizzy drinks and sweets before heading off to the library. We were committed to furthering our education on a Friday night by banning red wine, boy talk banter and Cards Against Humanity.

Now, deciding where to sit in a library is a big commitment and something that can’t be simply overlooked. To your detriment you may plant yourself next to a distraction and conserve all your energy trying to study whilst tolerating that distraction rather than moving to a safer place (does anyone else do that?). It was big effort for my housemate and I to find a suitable study spot. That evening I voted against:

  • Communal study areas, because every other discipline becomes interesting except the one you’re getting assessed on.
  • Computer desks, there’s not enough desk width to neatly arrange my books plus I needed to justify hauling my laptop from home
  • Chillout zone in the foyer, one does not simply ‘chill out’ when studying for a 75% torts exam

Anyway, after 20 minutes of soul searching for the ideal study spot we found one and proceeded to place our books, laptop, chocolate bars on the desk. Without hesitation the buzzer rung alerting students the library due to close. We were being told to leave which was hastily interpreted to mean no more study…fini, done, dusted. GOODBYE EVERYONE.

And so we waltzed past not one but two 24 learning hubs prioritising our mental well being over watching psych lectures and recapping the tort of negligence. Before we knew it, Friday was over and the evening ended with a movie, a hamburger and zero study.

Before I wrote this post, I procrastinated a little more by watching this video.

It changed my life and made me realise that deadlines are important.

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