How To Tinder For Dummies

Although Romeo didn’t meet Juliet on Tinder (they met at a party in real life, a rare occurrence these days), they hit off and made it to the altar.

But if we were to give these pair of star crossed lovers a few handy tips for Tinder, what would they be?

Here’s my personal selection for the do’s and dont’s for Tindering for dummies;

downloadDON’T be selective 

Swipe right every time to increase your odds, half of them won’t match and two thirds of the matches you do score won’t respond to your messages (and that’s if you’re lucky/don’t look like an ogre).  If you get ‘super liked’, well that’s super stupid, I mean they don’t even know you anyway.


thumbs upDO inject a bit of personality

The app’s been around for a couple of years now and hence thrown a complete curve ball into the dating scene which no one can really avoid.  Tinder fatigue is rife, so just because you’re not talking to them face to face doesn’t excuse you to throw a hi, how are you moment.  If I had a dollar for every hi, how are you message I received I would be a millionaire. BORING! Ask questions, but creative ones.  Cause disruption and chaos (ethically of course) and they’ll never forget you.


downloadDON’T tell your autobiography

Well maybe just the interesting bits or sharing an odd fact here or there.  At this point in time he doesn’t need to know about your earth shattering break up or that you ate baked beans on toast for three months to save up for that Contiki tour you took on gap year (wtf anyway).  Be selective about the details you share and play some creative storytelling to get your point across.


thumbs upDO manage your expectations


Because the reality is that there’s only two filters on Tinder age and distance.  The rest is just some fancy mathematical algorithm and fate so good luck if you’re expecting Prince Charming or next best thing to Candice Swanepoel.  Steer away from projecting stereotypes on strangers based on a 50 word bio and a few blurry profile photos, chances are they will shock and awe with some weirdly unexpected quirk or have a winge about their previous Tinder disaster.

downloadDON’T catfish people


Be real and make sure your photos are recent, this is also an extension of the above point.  If you’ve cut your hair and changed your style make sure your profile is an accurate representation of you.  There is nothing more disappointing than rocking up to a date then having to evacuate the scene because they lied to you from the get go.  We all know the very real power of Instagram filters and photoshop so don’t abuse it and feel sorry for yourself later.


thumbs upDO exercise common sense

We live in the day and age where we book an ‘uber’ (i.e. stranger’s car) to go to a tinder date (i.e. another stranger).  In this new and improved dating world, the wise words of Healthy Harrold are still relevant, that being “stranger danger”. I don’t want to run this article from the angle of helicopter parent however I will say maybe not the best idea to meet someone,

  • at midnight
  • in a national park
  • to go geocaching on a first date.

bad decisions

So whether your strategy is to auto swipe, cause chaos or randomly interrogate strangers without any real objective because everyone else is. My important advice to you is to make sure you never forgot the real value of connecting in reality plus opening doors and using manners never go out of vogue. Chivalry is not dead it’s just becoming digitised to an extent.

And lastly, but certainly not least…


thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

If not, it should be your last – well that’s just my personal opinion anyway.



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