In Memory Of Now

Q: To what extent should we befriend instant gratification and doing things differently?

A: Always & nownow-clock

I can’t say I’m fan of routine, rituals or rules especially when they’ve been compounded under seasoned expectations and too much fear.

However, I do think having a couple of ‘yolo’ stories under your belt (carpe diem for all you grown ups) is something you can’t learn via a textbook or a ted talk for that matter.

So, where do we start?

I’m not suggesting we should set our well planned, sensible life objectives on fire but rather learn to look for some small innovative opportunities;

  • Make a variation to your coffee order.  Instead of ordering your flat white ½ sugar, extra hot…order a latte (they even serve it in a different glass)
  • Play a team sport where you don’t exactly know the rules, other than getting kicked off the field or red carded you may just make some new friends for trying
  • Write an anonymous letter to a stranger, be brave and tell them everything that seems relevant to you within that single point of time
  • Set your alarm for 5:18am, not 5:30am.  I guarantee you, you won’t anticipate the snooze button anymore.  As humans we gravitate towards rounding things off, but the reality is that every minute counts
  • Don’t follow a recipe, because recipes suck.  Pick some of your favourite ingredients and whack them together while listening to a Discover Weekly Spotify playlist
  • Throw a dart on a world map and say hey presto mystery holiday


Perhaps the last point is living the dream, but when I was sipping my Shiraz at a small bar on Friday night and glanced at the wise words ‘In Memory of Now’ neatly etched into my wine glass, I figured it was some worthwhile advice that we should start using – now.

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