The aviation industry has enjoyed a long standing relationship with the glitz and glamour of flying high…but even though air travel has become much more affordable over the last century or two, people are still amused and somewhat attached to the idea of soaring amongst the clouds.

I mean when you think about it, it’s the closest thing to being an astronaut, so let’s get a little bit excited and critical for those of you who I know loveeeee to compare air carriers.

Regardless, it always begins at the airport no matter who you fly or where you go.

A few weeks ago I farewelled a close friend at International airport. We sat, chat and drank overpriced coffee before wandering over to the departure gates where people gathered in packs to say their goodbyes to loved ones.

White Lie #1… even if you say that you don’t have feelings (#heytoughguy) the reality is you probably do when you’re at an airport

For many people taking an airplane is symbolic of starting a journey, adventure or returning home.

Or maybe it’s because we think we’re closer to the heavens? You don’t exactly well up with tears when you’re at the bus stop or when you jump into your car and turn on the ignition, if you do it’s probably because you’re going to work (haha)

On the subject of work, fast forward to January 2017 and I would have completed 5 years in the Aviation industry.


In the first chapter of my career as a check-in agent, I had the privilege of observing so many individuals flying here, there and everywhere. For work or for leisure complete with some additional extras including:

  • screaming kids
  • expensive strollers
  • expired passports
  • heavy carry on baggage
  • non-flexi ticket

… and my personal favorite at the Domestic Transfer Facility,

  • itinerary written in a foreign language, Mandarin or Cantonese is by far the hardest to decode

It’s super lucky flight numbers and booking reference codes have a universal standard because there is nothing more painful than assembling a search party to locate the reloc on a 13 page shmozzle.

White Lie #2 …you know that big grinning smile we give you at the check in counter?  Yep – that one is actively suppressing our personal anxiety for you and your travel situation


Any one working in an airport will appreciate the capacity to function under a high degree of pressure.  It’s satisfying to help someone on their way or to play a part in reuniting a family including the family pet – even if they rock up 2 minutes before check in close.

White Lie #3 It doesn’t actually take a million years to get ready for work


The reality is that in order to salvage that extra 10 minutes of snooze time for a 5am shift you miraculously adopt Speedy Gonzales’ persona when it comes to hair and makeup.  Besides, when you have a uniform to slip into you don’t actually need to coordinate anything other than locating your swipe card, mobile phone and keys at 4am in the morning before running out the door.

Hey now that’s now that’s pretty fly for a white lie…

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