Usually, when I book annual leave the objective is to relax and recharge.  But on more occasions than one, this time included –  itinerary planning turns into itinerary cramming.

I’m dubbing Hong Kong in 48 hours as the ‘Amazing Race’ experience, here’s what happened as we scrambled through this busy city.

Day one

Landed at 2200 in Hong Kong airport.  A little dazed and semi-jetlagged, we offloaded our luggage at the hotel and headed off to roam around the bright lights of Causeway Bay.

Day two

An early rise and shine paid off when we beat morning rush at Ngong Ping 360 cableway.  This was luxe excursion but the views were worth every penny.





Once we got to the top, we said a quick hello to Big Buddah


Before the fog came around.



After a soaking up the cultural heritage it was time to head to the happiest place on Earth – Hong Kong Disneyland.


No trip would be complete without overpriced Disney merchandise / balloons.


The queues were surprisingly short, which worked out well since we completed most of the major rides in 2-3 hours.



Having clocked up more than 20, 000 steps, we did a few more that night at Temple Street Night markets



Then jumped on the Star Ferry to the other side of the bay to admire the view.


Day three

With 6 hours to spare, we woke up early enough to google ‘things to do in Hong Kong’ and discovered that a trip to Macau was very possible.

We ended up here


and here


and here too.


A small history lesson via trusty Wikipedia taught us that Macau was a Portuguese Territory until 1999.  Testament to this were the remnants of St Paul Cathedral and Senando Square, which packed with tourists eating yummy Portuguese tarts.

We ate some too, followed by the realization that we had no photographic evidence.  I can confirm they were light, fluffy and DELICIOUS.



I spotted this bright yellow building



Peppered on the outskirt of a crowded, narrow street.


I always thought hop on hop off buses were lame, but we didn’t have much choice.  The reality was that the running around could only get us so far.

So – we boarded the double decker tourist trap and  found some Giant casino’s on the famous Cotai Strip more commonly known as the Las Vegas of the Asia.



which included a half built Eiffel Tower.


This was the last pit stop before I became a millionaire billionaire and we flew home in my newly purchased private jet.


The end.

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