Summer Holiday Edit

I worked through corporate shutdown this year, so I want need a holiday.  It’s necessary to be appropriately dressed so you can camouflage into your surroundings.

Can you guess where I’m going?



To be honest, I was never a fan of beach holidays growing up.  Partially, because water sports, swimming, tanning etc. was never a huge part of Indian culture.  I suspect it’s due to the following reasons:

  • Bikinis are skimpy;
  • No tan required, we’re brown anyway;
  • Water = danger.

I will elaborate on the above points in a seperate blog post because that rant doesn’t belong here.

Anyway, I love the sunshine (and water) now.  This also means, that this time every year, I go out and buy a ridiculous number of swimsuits.



Top (Shimmer underwire soft cup bikini), $19.99 and bottoms (High cut V bikini) in ‘blue marlin shimmer’ $16.99 – Glassons

Glassons had some really nice bikinis this season.  I was hunting a yellow set (aka golden shimmer) but they sold out and I ended up with royal blue instead – not like it was the worse thing in the world.

My obsession with yellow bikini’s started when someone gave me tanned barbie for my 5th birthday.  Obviously, she wore yellow bikini and drove a hot pink pink convertible.  Since that day I wanted the same bikini (and convertible).  There’s also a song written about yellow bikini’s.  Maybe that’s why they’re sold out.

Anyway, my quest continued during round 2 bikini shopping with my best friend.

We ended up at City Beach, where there was plenty more colours to choose from.  There were YELLOW bikinis, but not the yellow that I wanted, the colour was more cheddar cheese rather than golden sunshine so I ended up adding a white set to my collection.


Top (Bambi Tri Top) $19.99 and bottoms (Ava cheeky scrunch) in ‘white, $29.99 – Topanga

After a bickering with my friend for 10 minutes, she made me try on this rust set.  I was super skeptical, but wow – it made the cut.  I had no idea rust could look nice against dark skin.  It’s an unusual colour, but I bought it because it reminded me of the rocky pools with all the critters.


Top (Chichi bralette) and bottoms (Chichi cheeky) by Kaiami in ‘desert rust’, $25.99 each

Remember how I said blending into your surroundings is important?

Rust for rocks.

White for sand.

Blue for water.


No one will ever know that I’ve escaped the office – for the beach.

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