Gucci 1973 Mini Shoulder Bag Review

There’s something about having a little black bag that turns any outfit into a well rounded ensemble.  When I spotted this Gucci 1973 small shoulder bag in black, I nabbed it straight away.

If you’re like me, i.e. like to play it safe when splurging on designer things, a good place to start is by picking pieces which are classic, durable and good quality.

Gucci 1973 Mini shoulder bag

Gold hardware on bag

Gucci created the 1973 range as part of the 2010 Fall/Winter collection. Inspired by a piece sourced from the company archives, the 1973 GG logo was given a new lease on life.

Closeup of bag


Score: 8/10

You can take this piece from night to day by tucking in the brass gold chain.  It’s a really safe bet since you can’t go wrong with black and gold complements everything.  Boy’s if you’re reading this buy her a black bag (duh). For a night out, this bag is best paired with jewelled tone’s, think emerald green, royal blue and deep burgundies. Rich, opulent colours bring out the best in gold hardware.

The gold chain strap is made from solid brass and coated in gold just like the gold GG logo. Although the one qualm I do have, is that this chain is notorious for snagging delicate fabrics. I steer away from wearing this piece with soft sweaters or finely knit dresses, it usually only makes an appearance when I wear more durable fabrics.

Gold chain on Gucci bag


Score: 9/10

Created from pebble grain calf leather and completed with neatly stitched exterior, this bag feels like it’s worth every penny.  The interior is lined with dense grey fabric so it’s easy to find your things.

As I mentioned previously, the gold hardware is actually made from solid brass and quite heavy.  Whether you sling it over your shoulder or double loop the chain strap, this bag falls nicely when you’re walking around town.  As my first Gucci purchase, I’m really happy with the quality of this bag.  I’ve had this piece for over 7 years and it hasn’t suffered any wear and tear.

Gucci bag with logo


Score: 6/10

For me good design is twofold: things have to look nice but they also have to be practical.  There’s not much point to splurging on nice things that you can’t use.

This bag neatly fits my iPhone 6 (without the case), lipstick, credit cards and a small perfume.  I usually carry these things around with me so there’s no harm in checking these things when you’re making an expensive purchase.

There’s even a little slot for your cards which means you don’t need to empty the contents of your bag when you’re getting ID checked (which is rare for me these days!).

Gucci bag with items inside

When I don’t need to cart around the kitchen sink, this bag fits the bare essentials – well most of them anyway.  A huge minus is that I can’t fit my keys without removing the keychain (boo).  This is a reoccurring pain when I’m rushing to leave the house and increases the chances of loosing the most valuable item in my bag.

Gucci bag closeup

Gucci 1973

The Gucci 1973 Mini Shoulder Bag Verdict

Overall, I’d rate this bag 8/10.  It’s a cute, classy staple to any wardrobe and you’ll get plenty of wear whether it’s a cocktail party, brunch or date night.

Do you have a little black bag that you reach for?

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