Valentino Rockstud Pumps Review

I had to review these Valentino Rockstud Pumps because every time I wear them, I hear the echoes of “wow they must be so uncomfortable”. Yes, whilst beauty may be pain, it’s not in this case. I decided to purchase these iconic pumps for my graduation outfit given you can only see your shoes as you march up to collect your certificate.

Valentino Rockstud Pumps


Score: 7/10

These shoes are quite versatile but choose your occasion. Don’t stroll into work on Monday morning unless you have an really important meeting or something. If these shoes could talk they would say “I’m so extraaaaaaaaa (you knowwww in a fashionista way)”

Opting for classic black with a nude trim and gold hardware makes life easier to match with block coloured outfits. I like to strike a balance with a bold fitted silhouette such as a high waisted pencil skirt, fitted dress or cropped pants. I also tend to pair these shoes with darker hues such as navy, crimson or forest green to contrast the Rockstud detail which I love because hey they are the perfect way to inject a little personality into your outfit.


Score: 8/10

Patent leather over anything else is a winner. It lasts a lifetime and is water alcohol resistant. I wore these to an engagement party once where someone dropped a drink on the dance floor and it splattered everywhere. Beads of red wine just rolled off because patent leather really is synonymous with magic.

If you’re worried about the nude trim, don’t be. The nude strap doesn’t stain or fade and the Rockstuds don’t tarnish either. It’s probably a good idea to clean these shoes with a damp cloth after you’ve been out an about to keep them looking new.


Score: 9/10

They’re seriously comfortable af, thanks for asking. If required, I can go for a light jog in these pumps. Unlike most designer shoes, the toebox is quite wide which means that your feet aren’t cramped in. Stick to your normal IT size. The straps make them sturdy enough to walk, dance or strut making these my new favourite party pair.

The Valentino Rockstud Pumps Review Verdict

These pumps are well worth the investment, a signature statement shoe which is both comfy and versatile. Overall I would rate this splurge 8/10. It’s a piece worth collecting in if you enjoy a little something that says I’m sassy but not too much.

Do you have a favourite statement shoe?

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