Four Yuppie Pickup Line Sets For Gals To Ask Guys

I’ve decided to consolidate my one liners instead of doing my Admin assignment. Here they are to share with the world.

At a bar (sober)

  1. “Hi, can I borrow that chair/bar stool/ottoman?”
  2. “What time is it? my phone DIED”
  3. smiles* “Hi” 😀 (always a classic, I love it)
  4. “Do you know if the house gin taste like house gin?”
  5. “Did you see nugs on the bar menu when you ordered that?”


At a bar (after a few)

  1. “How’s your night?”
  2. “If that’s water, I can get you another one”
  3. “My phone died, do you know if uber is surging rn so I can feel better about having to hail a cab”
  4. “What’s your zodiac sign, I need to see how compatible we are”
  5. “I lost my friends, do you know where they are?”
  6. “Waaaaaaaait, what’s your name?”


In class

  1. “You’re sitting in my spot”
  2. “Did they pass the roll around yet?”
  3. Throws highlighter halfway across the room* “I dropped my highlighter, can you pick up plz?”
  4. “Have you started the assignment?” if response = “no” proceed to no. 5
  5. “Yeah I’m fucked too – wanna study on the weekend?”


At a networking event

  1. “It’s so hard to juggle canapés and beverages, what’s your technique for managing both?”
  2. “I’m still hungry”
  3. “Are you on LinkedIn?”
  4. “What time does the bar close?”
  5. “I’m still gonna ask what’s your name, even though you’re wearing a name badge”

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