Mini Review: The Original Beauty Blender

I bought myself one of these cult sponges. Renowned for revolutionising make-up application, here’s a mini review for the cute pink squishy thing.


I don’t even know why most bloggers feature a detailed breakdown of the packaging since you rip it off and use the product anyway?

But, on this occasion I’ll jump on the bandwagon only because the packaging of this product is actually USEFUL.  As I pondered where do you put this thing after you take it out of the plastic? I figured I’d just used the lid as a stand – GENIUS.  My advice to you, don’t throw out the lid – it’s as useful as the sponge itself.



So if we cut to the chase:

  • It’s a super soft and overall a great tool to apply liquid foundation (at the moment I’m using the BB with the Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer
  • You skin looks like skin, it evenly applies and blends concealer like a dream
  • The unique shape of the sponge makes it easy cover the under the eye area
  • Surprisingly useful packaging
  • Doesn’t soak up that much product



That being said:

  • It’s bloody expensive ($30RRP)
  • You have to replace it once every two months
  • Not a fan of the hot pink colour


Although the hefty price tag for such a simple product, I’d recommend this sponge.  For what it’s worth, it saves me time in the morning, doesn’t soak up too much product and is the easiest way to touch up your makeup on the run!

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