The ‘Original’ Beauty Blender Review

I bought myself one of these cult sponges aka the The Original Beauty Blender. Renowned for revolutionising make-up application, here’s a review for the cute pink squishy thing.


It comes in a basic plastic cylindrical container, tbh nothing fancy or special about it. Initially I thought the packaging made a great container but guess what? It doesn’t, it needs ventilation to dry if not you’ll need to throw it in the bin, hey who would have thought? :S


  • It’s a super soft and overall a great tool to apply liquid foundation (at the moment I’m using the BB with the Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer
  • You skin looks like skin especially after a good drop of moisturiser
  • Applies foundation flawlessly and blends concealer like a dream
  • The unique shape of the sponge makes it easy cover the under the eye area
  • It doesn’t soak up too much product thanks to it’s special foam material


  • Not cheap compared to other makeup sponges on the market (AUD30RRP)
  • The sponge needs to breathe so best to purchase a case for it
  • Needs to cleaned every week
  • If you do shove it in your makeup bag, make sure you have a packet of tissues handy to soak up the excess water
  • Not a fan of the hot pink colour (which is fine given they have a plenty of different colours now)

The ‘Original’ Beauty Blender Review Verdict

Although the ‘Original’ Beauty Blender comes with a hefty price tag and there are loads of dupes on the market, I’d recommend this sponge. Yes, it may seem like a humble makeup spongeĀ  but for or what it’s worth, AUD30 goes a long way to to save time and product. This is probably the the easiest way to touch up your makeup on the run without throwing foundation all over your white shirt.

Have you tried the the ‘Original’ Beauty Blender? Let me know what you think.

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