No – I haven’t ghosted you! (blog update)

Boats on the water at Rose Bay (blog update)

It’s sunny Saturday morning and after some time i’ve decided to sit down pen this blog update. Given it’s been a while, it had crossed my mind to hit the reboot button with a new blog name, but after spending months mulling over the possibilities, I decided not to.

The intention of this blog remains the same – a sandpit of my thoughts, often random and cosmopolitan in nature. I enjoy reading broadly and, in this next chapter, i’m looking forward to sharing my perspective on more than shoes, makeup and travel.

With all that said and done, the new revised plan includes:

  • At least one blog post a month
  • A wider variety of content categories – recipes, book reviews and opinion pieces
  • Dabbling in some video production and photography

Life update

Whilst this ‘unprecedented’ pandemic has changed the way we live, work and play, I’ve take this time to return to some of my former hobbies – climbing rocks, relearning some old Burgmüller piano pieces and watercolour painting. When I think about it, I feel a little guilty for neglecting this blog for over a year, but in hindsight it’s been nice to have a break from building and updating websites given it’s my day job too.

Hello, lists

Recently i’ve rediscovered how much of a a ‘list person’ I am and, with Spring on the way, i’m excited to scribe my to do list for the season. For me, lists are an effective tool when they resemble something between the humble shopping list and a bucket list. It’s also just super nice to have an index of things you’ve completed during a time when we’ve been thrown out of our daily routines.

So, on that note, see you around!

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