half-caste |ˈhæf ˌkæst|

noun offensive

is a term for a category of people of mixed race or ethnicity.




Hi there!

Nice to meet you and welcome to thehappyhalfcaste!

I’m Jessica, 25 years old and from Australia. My background is Anglo Indian and I love to think, write and share. I can’t speak Hindi and don’t know how to tie a sari. I’m not sure if i’m getting an arranged marriage either! I study law part-time and work full-time in the aviation sector. In my free time I enjoy feeding ducks at the park and going on long walks.

After many months of pondering, I decided the internet needed another blog so I launched thehappyhalfcaste in September 2016.  thehappyhalfcaste is my creative HQ to explore all things makeup, style and travel plus a good dose of reality. You might find me reviewing my favourite eyeshadow brands one day and tackling a deep and controversial cultural topic the next.

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